Unmanned Aerial System Research Lab (UASRL)

The mission of the UASRL is to serve as a hub for drone-related activities and provide a pool of drones, sensors, equipment, software, and knowledge to support the use of drones in high-quality research and teaching across the civil space, military, and University departments.

Drone Service and Maintenance Centre

  • Providing drone repair service, software upgrades, configuration, and testing

Research Projects

  • Designing and developing fixed-wing training models
  • Designing and developing multi-copter training models
  • Developing aero model lab tools and kits

UASRL – AHUODEN high altitude surveillance drone

Modeled exactly after the American Global Hawk drone, the AHUODEN model seeks to provide insight into the ever-increasing need for high endurance and high altitude drones that can serve in a wide range of missions.

Currently, it has completed all ground tests successfully and awaiting its maiden flight.

It will be used as a platform to test the capabilities of various flight control software as well as on-board sensors and instruments. A more advanced version with very high endurance capability is currently in the design phase.

Team Members

UASRL Department Manager

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Researcher Intern at UASRL

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