Who We Are

SoKo Aerial, established in the year 2017, is an end-to-end commercial enterprise that specializes in the provision of precision aerial inspections and survey data.

We employ the use of highly sophisticated Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), also known as drones, in the collection of aerial data and with drone technology, are able to efficiently process, analyze and finally distribute the aerial data to suit our clients’ needs in their specific industries.

SoKo Aerial, in its constant research efforts, has identified that aerial data solutions are applicable across a vast number of areas and can contribute immensely to helping to identify and solve problems plaguing these areas. Some of the identified areas of application of aerial data solutions


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Professional Team

Our team is made of professionals who at all times strive to provide you with the best of results and experience

Experienced Pilots

We have highly experienced engineers and pilots who at all times strive to provide you with the best of results and experience

Our Strategic Partners

Working closely with our partners, we develop complex solutions for a range of industries using rapidly progressing UAV technologies. Our partners are all specialists in their industry sector. Together we drive innovations using new technologies and explore possibilities for applying UAV services to introduce improvements in a range of industries. Since setting up our drone operations, we have developed proven solutions in the construction, survey, railway and infrastructure sectors in partnership with industry experts. We have successfully carried out ground breaking pilot projects with partners to explore the UAV solutions, which provide true commercial value by improving safety and efficiency. Our pioneering work with partners leads the way to the next level of new complex solutions.

  • MATE Engineering Limited
  • RECS Geomatics Consult
  • Signal Training School – Ghana Armed Forces

Team Members

Chief Executive Officer

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CADU and ENTU Department Manager & HR Manager

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CADU and ENTU Department Assistant Manager

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UASRL Department Manager

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UASRL Department Assistant Manager

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CESU Junior Developer

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Researcher Intern at UASRL

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Administrative and Human Resource Officer

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